Dance Year Al fin !

June 20th, 2014 in About Me

Wow it sure is a relief when dance season is done. It gets so intense at the end of the year. No let me take that back this year was the first year I didn’t feel stressed. Abby has been dancing for 6 years now. So it only took six years, wow I am a slow learner.

They performed at Kingsbury Hall and love everything about it. Hanging out with their friends backstage, performing, the finale with all their friends. Tyler is always surprised to see how happy Abby looks on stage. And Cameron, man, she has that performance face down pat!


abbydance camerondance

Abby finished her first year on dance team. It was a relaxed dance team program where they do a competition, but just for fun. Then their other performances are at fun festivals and old folk homes. Dancing gives her a very big boost of self esteem and happy endorphins. For Cameron it helps her learn to focus. After a summer off we are an even busier dance year next year!


For the grandmas I have links to the girls’ dances. Abby’s is here and Cameron’s is here.

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