Dance Stars

September 21st, 2015 in About Me

It is funny to be writing about the end of the dance year season when we are already into the second week of the new dance year’s season. But lets see what I can remember. This year because of how everyone’s ages landed we attended 3 out of the 4 dance recitals that our studio does. That also means 3 out of the 4 dance rehearsals. It was quite the intense weekend! But I would do none of this if I didn’t see my girls self esteem growing and them having a blast. I wouldn’t do any of it. I’m just so proud of them.

The theme this year at UDA was Broadway Bound so each song came from a Broadway show. Throughout the year every Sunday we sat down and watched a new old time movie based on a Broadway show or vice versa. Reminded me so much of spending time with my grandparents and watching these movies with them.

Abby did 8.5 hours of dance classes a week last year. This year she does 10 hours and also assistant teaches an additional two hours a week. She is such a strong and hard working girl. One dance in particular stressed her out big time and she was so worried about pulling it off. It was so fun to see her pull it off at the performance. She danced to Hairspray, Footloose, Finiana’s Rainbow, and Meet Me In St. Louis. It was fun to have them watch all those movies so they understood what they were dancing about. She really loves being a part of a team, her dance teachers, and learning.

Abby’s dance recital clips are here 



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Cameron did 5 hours of dance classes a week last year and this year is doing 6.5. It was just about the cutest thing when I asked her the other night how she was doing in dance and what she liked about it. She had such a long list and in a matter of fact voice listed them all off! She adores performing, she has the best stage smile and does the moves the sassiest. She loves to make everyone smile and laugh.

During the year between being measured for costumes and actually getting them she grew! I think she only grew in length though so they were all a bit tight on her. Being on a dance team was also a lot of fun for her. They perform about 6-8 additional times throughout the year which is her favorite part of dance.

Cameron’s dance clips are here


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Shae had her first year of dance! I wondered how she would do and she struggled a bit keeping up in class. We did dance during the wrong time of day and I think she was just tired. This year it is at a much better time. I wondered how she would do in such a big recital but she had A BLAST. She adored it, I was so proud of her. Shae’s dances were from Oklahoma & Annie.

Shae’s dance clips are here


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Reagan was mad that she was not in a recital. And during some of the recitals she copied their moves and danced along. This year she is in dance and it is beyond cute how happy she is there.

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And we survived and the girls were rewarded with LEGOS. Because flowers or LEGOS. LEGOS I think always win.

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  • Emily
    September 22nd, 2015 at 4:30 am

    I don’t know how those girls do it all…but then again, look at their amazing mom!