‘Tis Dance Recital Season

July 10th, 2012 in About Me

Before California, before the big moving sale, and DURING the time when my husband was terribly sick & the girls caught a stomach bug…we had dance recitals!

Ha ha.

Tyler was so ill that during the recitals I think he plopped himself outside trying not to hack up his lungs and the girls just thought he was there the whole time. Abby on the way down the stairs in front of all her friends threw up. She was so embarrassed, I felt so horrible for her.

Oh wait did I mention I threw out my back the morning of? Meaning I could not stand up straight, had to lean on things to walk, and when I would sneeze I would fall to the ground.

A HOT MESS. All of us.

Hey but look at these beautiful girlies (I didn’t take any pictures on recital day–these are all from rehearsal days):

Cameron: Danced with SPUNK, personality, pizzazz, and attitude. The first dance was “Sunday Clothes” and the next dance was “Prairie Princess” aka “Jessie Dance.” She was so flippin’ GOOD! She made me laugh when I was watching her.

Abby: She made me tear up during her performances because I knew how much they meant to her. I watched her work so hard at class, so hard at home, even in the shower! I knew she really really wanted to do so well and she did. She danced with perfection, elegance, technique, and had a lot of fun. I was so so proud of her. Her first dance was “Find Your Wings and Fly” and then “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.”


And bravo for all of us surviving that weekend.

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