Daddy’s Girl Help

November 14th, 2009 in Parenting Tips


Over the past two weeks my “normal” Daddy’s Girl has turned into an EXTREME Daddy’s Girl.

At a baby shower before I had kids, someone wrote this advice in a book.

Your kids will go back and forth between their attachments to Mom and Dad. And when it seems like they are more attached to their dads, don’t let it get to you.  It is normal and wonderful.

It still is sad though. She wakes up and instead of the morning hug she says, “I want Dad.”  When I go to pick her up from the sitters or my family’s homes, she says, “I want Dad.”

But lately she has been breaking down in tears crying for her dad while we are driving or playing or walking through the grocery store.

She does have a very busy daddy but he is also a daddy who runs home to see her, lets her stay up late to cuddle and is a very involved daddy to his little Abby.

Any suggestions? Or is this really normal? I am trying to not let it hurt my feelings. Cause that would be silly, right?


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