Currently Stressing Over This Dilemma

May 7th, 2010 in About Me

Soccer, dance, theatre, tennis, T-ball, singing class, horseback riding, swimming, summer science camp and everything else under the moon.

All of these things are such fun, all of them cost money, all of them take time away from the family, all of them promote growth, self-esteem, new relationships and might become *the* thing that my girls find that they absolutely love.

It is also the thing that I am currently over-examining and stressing about.

How do you not overwhelm your kids with all these activities? How do you provide them with a taste of a good number of activities so they can chose which one they want to pursue?

I love that my kids learn from other adults, bond with other children, learn a new skill, gain confidence by hitting a ball or singing a song or doing a dance.

But when is it too much?  When does it reach the point where they aren’t bonding with their parents or siblings because they are way too busy with everyone else?

I don’t see any way that my girls can go to public school from 8:30am to 4pm, have these fun activities and even have time to breathe. This is one of the big reasons I am considering homeschooling or a private tutor. Why does school have to be 7 hours long for a little 6 year old? Just doesn’t seem normal…even though it is I guess.

How do you do it? How do you balance it all?

Help this mama out.


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