Curious George Party

September 15th, 2014 in About Me, Parties

Reagan turned two, my baby turned two! I am ok with this, I am burnt out from the baby stage. I had no idea what to buy her or what party to throw her for her birthday. This sweet thing of mine, her hobby is getting into trouble. I was thinking of doing a really loud dance party for her birthday or a puppy party. But just a couple weeks before her birthday she started loving Curious George. Sure she doesn’t sit down to watch it. But she likes it in the background in the house while she climbs onto counters, finds black markers to color new furniture, and tear apart my purse. Oh! And taking a green marker to our brand new iMac.

Man, this love of mine. She causes me to cry more than anything else in my life and I have not had a life since she was born. But boy oh boy her hugs, smiles, energy, personality…it is what we need in this home. She makes it a fun place to be. The older ladies at church like to stop me after sacrament meeting to laugh at Reagan. Today one of the ladies said, “This is good, she is going to be a STRONG one.” Boy it is true.

So the theme of Curious Reagan turned out to fit her perfectly:


I had the girls wear yellow shirts, black leggings, and yellow fedoras. We had to have some “Man in the Yellow Hat” characters! We also had some monkeys.





We had an extended family emergency (better now) so I did not do any of the activities. We just took out NERF guns and shot each other. Then did some dancing.


I followed out four present rule (and had her birthday flower) but I didn’t want to spend money on her presents. She destroys things. So she did not get cute handmade items or fun picks from Etsy. She got Curious George things that it is ok if they are destroyed.




Her day was full of playing with cousins, playing at parks, and watching Curious George with donuts. I think it was a pretty perfect day for her.


This Reagan Jo of mine she takes everything out of me but fills me with what is important. If that makes any sense. She has made me a better woman. I cannot wait to see who she becomes.




2 Responses to “Curious George Party”

  • Emily
    September 16th, 2014 at 5:25 am

    Curious George is the perfect party for that little one!

  • Linda
    September 17th, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    She always make me smile. I too wonder what an 8 year-old Reagan will be like and a 16 year-old. Oh, what about a 30 year old? Wont it be fun? We just have to bet out of her way and let her live her life.