Cupcake Story

July 25th, 2009 in Life

I originally planned to make these cupcakes as “Sorry, Neighbors, My Lawn Still Looks Like This I Promise a Landscaper is Coming Next Week” treats to give to our next-door neighbors and neighbor directly across the street who have been so nice, warm and welcoming since we moved in.


One of the neighbors was not home and my mind wandered to some advice my friend Lauren gave me last week while our kids were playing at the neighborhood splash park. I was griping about how these two girls came over every day to play. My gripe wasn’t with THEM; I would love to have them over to play every day.  They are sweet girls and my daughters love them. The non-existent parents were who I was griping about. They sent their girls over to play and yet have never met me, which I find incredibly irresponsible and a bit rude. My frustration climbed to a new peak that day when I told the little girl we had to leave to go to a play date at the neighborhood splash park with some friends. She pleaded to come with us and I reluctantly gave in and informed her I was driving there so her mother would have to come outside and tell me directly if it were okay or not. After spending some time in her house the little girl ran out and told me her mom said it was ok but couldn’t come outside because she was in her pajamas. I told the sweet little girl that wasn’t ok but that maybe her older brother would walk her over.

I met Lauren at our play date fuming! I asked her what mother would send her little girl off with a complete stranger in her car?! Her little girls are always roaming the neighborhood and the seven-year-old recently got so lost she asked a random man to drive her home. Lauren agreed but also said I should make a plate of something, bring it over and introduce myself to get a feel from the parents. Maybe there is something going on with them I know nothing about.

So when I had that extra plate of cupcakes I thought, “Perfect!” and took the girls two houses down to introduce ourselves. We rang the doorbell and the door opened just a crack. A man appeared, the dad of the family, and I said, “Hi! The girls made these cupcakes and wanted to come over and bring them to your little girls.” He replied with an “Uh, thanks,” as I bent the plate to pass it through the small opening of the door. I opened my mouth to introduce myself just as the door was shut in my face.

“All right,” I told myself, “Maybe I caught him at a horrible time or maybe he is shy.” I told myself I would return when I knew the mom was home, but this time no nice cupcakes.


P.S. I will post the recipe for the cupcakes sometime next week and sadly enough they are SO non-organic and unhealthy in every way!


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