Cupcake Conference

August 27th, 2010 in About Me

On a whim, some sweet ladies decided to plan a Cupcake Conference.  Who knew it would be such a grand event?!

It turned into this: the news station coming, the event selling out in one day and the event being sponsored by the Grand America.  There was also a cupcake decorating contest! Not to mention all the fun prizes.

See, look!  That’s me sitting on the floor throwing a tizzy fit because I didn’t win any of the prizes. Listen, I just have BAD LUCK. Kalli next to me one two prizes and then Emily on the other side of me won two prizes JUST like the last time I sat next to her! Alright, so the tizzy fit was justified.

Mmmm the cupcakes and the sweet pastry chef at Grand America.  Boy, that place is beautiful.  The Sassies are reviewing it next month and I cannot wait.

I hope they do this next year, although here is my vision. Have an ALL OUT cupcake war…I mean where maybe you select 8 pastry chefs and they go at it with decorating and we all vote.  Like maybe we could have a “cheer-o-meter” like on the Price is Right and that is how we decide the winner.  We could also do silly games with cupcakes…oh shh not THOSE kind of games.  Oh, you know what else?  There could be someone with a camera going around asking serious questions like, “How have cupcakes changed your life?” “Where would you even BE without cupcakes?” “Tell us how cupcakes got you out of your latest life challenge.” Then turn it into a video montage with some sappy music.

Just a thought.

The Cupcake Conference was Grand. The swag bags were awesome! My favorite things were the bright orange Hobo Bag and the Cupcake Charm from @EmiHill of “Is This Really My Life” + all the free cupcake coupons!

Until Next Year, Cupcake Conference & Grand America!


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