Crocodile Tour in Tarcoles, Costa Rica

December 7th, 2011 in Nature, Our Travels Worldwide


Ok Ok, the CROCODILE’S name was Hillary Clinton. Also, in the river were Monica Lewinsky, Osama Bin Laden, Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson and George Bush. Quite a unique bunch.

So crocodiles are the weird random thing I have been terribly afraid of since I was a little girl. When we lived in Maryland, all 6 of us stuffed in a little apartment, I thought crocodiles lived under the vents in our house. And oh, the nightmares I would have about them! So going on this tour was facing a silly fear of mine.

On the crocodile tour in Tarcoles, Costa Rica I was relived when I saw the boat — it made me feel a bit more safe.

It was a great tour. Our tour guide was a man who grew up in Tarcoles, and even after doing tours for 10 years, he was still excited and animated to do yet another one. He pointed out and gave information on the birds and crabs in the area. The river was beautiful, and above the river was a watermelon farm.

Then of course he introduced us to all of the “celebrities” in the area. The river feeds into the oceans, and on that river there are 2,000 crocodiles, 35 in each kilometer. Oh, and you’d better believe it. There were crocodiles EVERYWHERE. Babies, 70 year old crocodiles (Osama Bin Laden), females, males and teens. We learned a lot of cool facts about crocodiles, and the girls were just so interested in every little fact!

But the main part of the trip…the FEEDING OF A CROCODILE:

Shae woke up at 5am that day, so she screamed almost the entire time. Let’s just say I got over my breastfeeding in public without a cover hang-up REAL FAST. Plus, no one out here covers up anyway.

It was so interesting to go into the “mangrove” to see the “walking trees,” baby crocodiles and where the river meets the ocean. The crocodiles will actually go into the ocean and then back into the river. So along with being scared of sharks in the ocean, how about we all add crocodiles as well?!

I have a feeling this might be our favorite outing on our trip — the crocodile tour in Tarcoles, Costa Rica is going to end up being a real family highlight forever and ever.

We were the only ones on the tour and yes, we did get that close to the crocodiles!!

We used this company to go on a tour. Their price was great, and I was really impressed with everything they did.

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