Creating the Right “Climate” for My Family

July 6th, 2009 in About Me

A couple days ago the girls and I had a truly perfect day. We had no fighting and our home was peaceful with a stillness and calm that was still full of fun and laughter. That night as I was catching up with my husband and telling him how perfect our day was and how happy the girls were it made me stop and contemplate why it had been so wonderful.


Lately my mind, emotions and self have been a jumbled mess full of anxiety, dark days and frustration. Stress will do that to you…Taking on to much will do that to you…Not staying as close to your heart will do that to you.

The night before our “perfect day” I felt myself come back together, as if I were physically letting go of this tightly wound state. I realized how much I missed the old me…the me who for the past two months has been gone.

I very quickly realized how my mood as a mother, wife and friend completely changes the mood of my home, a home I want to be a safe haven, a place full of laughter and peace.

Mothers who know create a climate for spiritual and temporal growth in their homes.” —Mothers Who Know by Julie Beck

Creating the right “climate” for my family means taking care of ME and boy, am I glad our “perfect day” made me realize how we were missing those lately.

Sure, we all have days, weeks, even months where we feel a bit off of our game. How do you as a mother make sure you stay on track and create a peaceful climate in your home?

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