Crazy Cheap & Easy Dinner Idea #3–Crockpot Meals by ME!

So I did a silly thing and asked someone in the end of her pregnancy to guest post. She had her baby (yeah!) but since I forgot to let you guys know of this fun guest post I did…it works out perfectly!

But since it is rude to re-post your guest posts and copy and paste from other’s websites (notice my reminder here), I am going to give  you a little teaser and link to the rest of the recipe!

Shredded Beef & Veggie Tostadas (or Tacos)

yes in a crockpot


Chicken Cacciatore Calzones
yes in a crockpot.
So if you would like the full recipes and to see how I did it in a crockpot, just click the button below to be taken to my guest post!

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