Craft Store Picks

April 7th, 2011 in Crafts

For one birthday, nearly everything Abby got as presents from friends and family was from the kid’s aisle at the local craft store. Oh man, that girl was in HEAVEN! She loves everything on that aisle, complete crap or not.

Near our home, we have Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and Robert’s jam packed full of craft products geared towards my girls. When we have been sick or when I have had some bad pregnancy weeks I find myself going to the craft store to pick up some things to give the girls something fun to do.

Our latest trip resulted in these finds:

#1 Disney shirts from JoAnn’s.  They’re covered in Disney characters that the kids can color with fabric markers or the old school “puff paint.” Remember the puff paint? Love that stuff!

#2 Also at JoAnn’s they have the cheap $1 bins at the checkout counter. You know full well when you buy something from those bins that it will last one day at the most. But the kids have fun doing some of the things out of there. Last time we got these fun princess masks and painted them.

#3 Sticker books!  These books are our all time favorite thing, the thing that I stock up on to keep the girls quiet during church, to give them on a bad day or during a car trip. And Robert’s has the best AND cheapest options I have found. You get as many fun stickers as you do from a sticker book that you buy at Target for 8 bucks…and these are under $2.

What do you love to pick up at your local craft store? Any secrets out there to good craft products for kids? What are your favorite picks?

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