Costa Rican Sodas

March 19th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

I remember when we came out here last year to vacation that I thought everyone loved SODA! It was odd because every single little restaurant advertised that they carried SODA. How weird, we thought. We soon learned that “sodas” were the name for just small, inexpensive, local food, family run restaurants. Something to that effect…some are quite popular and I am sure they aren’t all run by families.

They are our favorite food! On my Instagram feed I love to post pictures of my plates when we go to a soda, which is at least once a week. If I had it my way it would be every single day for lunch. They always have rice and beans on the plate. Boy oh boy, how is it that they cook such perfect rice and beans? I told Tyler that is our next goal, to perfect the art of rice and beans. The way the Ticos do it! And then if you eat meat there is usually chicken or beef or fish. Sometimes they have pig or pig intestine, things like that. They they have sides; almost always a macaroni and potato salad. Then lots of times they will have a salad that is carrot based. Other things can be fried yuka, fried plantains, green beans, an onion salad, etc. Sometimes they have a meat rice with more zing to it.

I will peek into the back and watch the women and men cook. Big huge metal pots and pans just simmering away. I can’t image anything is not made from scratch. Because I see it all back there being chopped, boiled, cooked, etc. You go for lunch, not usually dinner. Lunch is when things are really fresh.

There is one thing that happens each time. I scrape the plate clean! Then Tyler and I eye the  kids’ plates to see who is going to get their leftovers. We top it off with a huge cup of fresh juice.

I tell people who email me about visiting that they need to eat like this. Ask the locals what the best sodas are the area. And then get some fresh sushi from a nicer looking place. The End. You will be well fed on your trip! 

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