Costa Rica Update

May 30th, 2012 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

Tyler is leaving for Costa Rica in about 138 days. I am leaving for Costa Rica in about 153 days. To live there for 6-12 months, we are renting out our home here and renting a home there.

That is not very many days to completely change your life. Not to mention in about 100 days I will be having my fourth baby. And will have four kids under six.

We are selling just about everything we own, my weeks are full of going through my house and putting everything in labeled yard sale boxes. This is totally different than moving. It is emotional, hard work, and overwhelming. My body hurts, it is not working at the pace I would like it to. I have one level of the house done, now onto the next level. My house until the end of June will be a war zone. After the last day of June it will feel completely empty. And then right after having the baby and right before we move, I will sell the little bit that is left.

So many other things consume my time preparing…homeschooling plans and supplies in place, Christmas packed in a box, packing all our needed items in one suitcase per person for the airplane, stuffing everything we can plus our two dogs and Tyler into a minivan.

And one other million things. Lots of family business work, financial work, insurance work, a million + a billion things. 

It has been emotional, I have felt really alone. But I wouldn’t be doing it all if I didn’t want to. I love the idea of not owning very much, I love the idea of starting a new chapter of our lives. A chapter where we are together as a family a lot more, a chapter where we get to explore new hobbies, a chapter where we are all on our own.

So this is what I remind myself of when I am feeling down. Or I pull over the car, pick up my 4 year old, and run through the park sprinklers just to make us smile–and make sure I am still alive.


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