Costa Rica Update #3

August 23rd, 2012 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

18 more days MAX till baby girl #4 arrives, 38 days till our renters move in and we move out, 69 days till my Mom helps me fly to Costa Rica with all my kiddos to live! (Tyler leaves a couple of weeks before we do to set up shop)

Wow! Usually when I count the days it still seems doable and kind of far away. This time the numbers are not making me feel that way.

Ok so to keep myself on track I am going to…focus on these clear things I can see in my mind:

#1 Friday Farmers Markets in Jaco as a family and a husband shopping who is excited to take over all the meal planning, cooking, etc. for the family.

#2 Eating breakfast outside, by the pool, with the ocean in the background.

#3 Having Tyler’s days end at 3pm, having him do the second half of homeschooling afterward, and then just being together as a family.

#4 A simpler, less chaotic life (you know with four girls six and under, so maybe ha ha to that one)

#5 Exploring a new country together and being completely done with the baby cooking phase of my life (it has been a tough phase for me–even though-I know-a blessing).

Sure there are things I am worried about, the family dynamic is going to be changing a lot, and holy moly it is humid. Even though I have really kept up on making sure everything is planned, organized, checked off the to-do lists to a “T” I still have more to do. But right now I am just focusing on the positive, powering through the last few days of being pregnant, crossing my fingers I can do a couple more crazy weeks, and thrilled to start the next chapter of our lives.

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