Costa Rica Update #2

July 12th, 2012 in About Me

An update, an update.

Forcing myself to write an update to document this crazy process.

Selling everything we own did me in so right now all I am working on is: selling some things on EBay & KSL, working on talking to five different embassies to figure out how to get the dogs through, and I have to go get my passport re-done because I forgot it got scratched by one of the kids on our last trip. Tyler has so much work on the business end that the poor guy is completely over worked right now.

But mainly right now I am resting, trying to get ahold of my attitude. The stress of the moving sale, our trip, dance recitals, Tyler being sick, Abby’s surgery, being in my third trimester, and a few other small things. Have me just in a funk.

What keeps me going on is looking at the big picture of why we are doing all of this. To be together as a family more, to simplify, to have an adventure, to have my husband not be working himself sick, to learn, to grow, to figure out what kind of life we want one day.

This is why, this is worth it, I know this and I don’t have to “convince” myself of it. I believe it, I just have to repeat it during this stage of the move.

Not to mention, I always forget how hard this last stage of pregnancy is. And with it being my fourth, it sure feels different, this body is getting old and worn out.

What do you do to help yourself out of a bit of a funk? I think I need some ideas….112 days till the girls and I are gone.

Costa Rica Update #1

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