Costa Rica Family Pictures 2013

April 10th, 2013 in About Me

Family pictures included some catastrophes with hair, children being swept under a wave, not being able to fit into my dress (I wore a different one), and bruises healing just in time (ok that last one could be taken the wrong way, I was referring to Shae’s huge bump on her head).

But it made for some wonderful family pictures. I told myself, I am not going to dwell on the fact that I am not as thin as I would like. I just had two babies in a row these past couple of years. Maybe in a couple more years I can talk my husband into pictures again. But he said yes this year and  this is only the second time we have had family pictures taken. I jumped on the fact that he said yes and got them done as fast as I could (ok that last one could be taken the wrong way as well, he despises pictures, it wasn’t that I needed to ask PERMISSION to do something).

Ok enough of me talking, here they are:

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