Columbia Omni-Heat HQ Jacket

December 11th, 2010 in sponsors

When I got an email asking to review one of the new Omni-Heat and Omni-Shield Jackets by Columbia, my husband said, “ME! ME!” Every day until it came he asked, “Is my jacket here yet?” The poor guy has been feeling left out on all the fun shipments that come to our house, I guess!

So…still looking for a present for your husband for Christmas? Or for his birthday? Does he have a job where he is outside a lot? Or a hobby? Then pay attention to this one! This is what my husband had to say…

As a dog trainer I constantly find myself working outside in the elements.  Living in Utah, as I do, that means that several months out of the year are in freezing conditions.  My problem has always been that I need mobility in my clothing.  I need to be able to look down and see the dogs that I’m training.  Wearing big jackets to keep me warm has always caused a problem as it’s tough to move and tough to see around me.

When I got the Shimmer Me Timbers Omni-Heat Coumbia Jacket I was skeptical.  It was so light weight and thin.  Putting it on was very comfortable so I knew I’d be good to go there.  It wasn’t overly puffy so I knew I’d have visibility around me as well; but would it be warm?

I’ve got to tell you, this is easily the warmest jacket I own.  Whatever the patented technology they have in this jacket is, it works.  I can be out in the coldest temps with just the jacket on and I do great.

So my husband loved it and, with my growing belly, I have been wearing it around as well.

It keeps you WARMER by retaining more of your body heat. It BREATHES so you don’t get overheated. It is LIGHTER and it INSTANTLY warms you up.

It’s awesome. Browse all their Omni-Heat jackets online here:


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