Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—My Travelin’ Eye


 My Travelin’ Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw published not to long ago in April is a brilliant book. I still remember the sad after school talks about how the little girl I nannied got teased about wearing her eye patch. While living with my Aunt and Uncle I remember the frustrations of getting my young cousin to keep on his eye patch. He would whip that thing off as soon as he would run into the other room :) What a common problem that needed a voice through children’s literature. Even if your child does not have problems with a “lazy eye” it could help with an issue of getting glasses, going to the eye doctor or just seeing a child at school that has an eye patch.

The main reason I love this book is that it does not take the approach you probably are guessing it does. The girl in the story (which is semi-autobiographical) cherishes each of her eyes calling one the navigator and the other the artist. She is worried that wearing the eye patch will change that. Her mother dresses up the eye patches to be bright, fun and colorful. It will teach your child to appreciate differences and to be sensitive to them. But, the main message can appeal to any child, you can overcome your shortcomings and achieve your goals! The illustrations in the book are unique, colorful and eye-catching. This book is written and illustrated right from the heart. A must read!

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