Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld

July 19th, 2011 in Books/Reading, Children's Books

There is still time to sign up for your local library’s summer reading program! For this whole week I’ll share some of our recent, pretty awesome book finds.

Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld is a cute book about a sweet little cloud who watches what all the other big clouds do and starts to feel a bit un-important. The cloud floats around, trying to see what she could do…maybe water the crops or create a rainbow…but she is too little for any of that. She happens upon a sad frog who’s puddle has dried up and she figures out how to fill it up. When she looks down, she has created a whole pond for a large group of frogs! Then, knowing that she CAN do important things (even if they do seem little), she goes off to find other things she can do to make people happy.

If you love The Little Engine That Could you will ADORE Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld.


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