ClickFree Automatic Backup Review

September 11th, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!


My husband and I are self employed and our computers are crucial to our work. We have had computers crash in the past and boy, seriously, your whole world comes crashing down for a bit. It is so incredibly stressful. So we have been saying for a while that we need to get all of our important documents, spreadsheets, etc. backed up. I know the most important thing to me as a mother is pictures documenting my girls’ lives. If everything was taken from me, having my photos taken would be the worst. Unfortunately, with everything done digitally, there is an even higher risk of losing all my pictures. This has also been a stress that worried me.

Then Click Free saved the day. They sent me the Clickfree HD225 (250GB) hard drive and Photo DVDs to review.

Now, of course, whiney me has to think,  “Oh now I am not too great with computers.  Is this going to be too hard for me to figure out or end up taking forever?  Will I end up having a tizzy fit over computer problems?” (yes computer problems throw me into tizzy fits- they are quite funny.)

NO.  Oh my, it was so simple- just like they promised. I put in the Photo DVDs, waited 60 seconds for it to load, and let it do its thing! For the other, I attached the Clickfree HD225to the computer, waited 60 seconds, and let it do its thing! It really is as easy as connecting your computer via USB cable to the Clickfree backup drive.  Clickfree devices are designed to automatically start, search, organize, and backup your computer’s digital files.

Did you hear that? It automatically finds them for you, organizes them, and backs them up! This product is so simple to use, takes very little time out of your day, and gives you such a huge reward:

Knowing that if your computer crashes you have NO NEED to worry.

Well how much does it really hold, you ask? Well, it depends on what model/product you get, but for the Digital Photos CDs: 10,000 photos! For the Clickfree HD225: 55,000 songs, more than 100,000 photos, and 500,000 digital documents.

I highly recommend these products to people wanting to back up their work, as well as for people who want to back up their photos.

Don’t worry- the products are PC and Mac Friendly!

The Clickfree Photo DVD Backup is available now at leading retailers across North America, including Best Buy.  The MSRPs range from $6.99 – $24.99. All Clickfree back up solutions can also be purchased online direct from Storage Appliance Corporation.  Visit for more information.

The Clickfree Clickfree HD225 (250GB) hard drive can be ordered directly from the Storage Appliance Corporation’s website ( and many retailers.  Clickfree products can be found at leading outlets such as Best Buy, FRYS, OfficeMax, and Walgreens, in addition to,,, and

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