Claim to Fame

January 6th, 2010 in About Me, Parenting Tips

You know when you get to swapping baby stories, birthing stories and nursing stories how you can sit with other moms and talk about it forever? Even if you don’t know them terribly well, you find the hardest, most embarrassing and greatest moments just come spilling out. I have to be honest.  Lots of the time I really don’t enjoy these discussions.  I like to…let’s say…FORGET THEM…although…

I always feel quite proud when I announce


It’s my “Claim to Fame” cause that stinker took over 3 1/2 hours to push out.  I can’t even tell you about it because, honest-to-goodness, my mind has erased it.

I am re-organizing once again and came across pictures of my little ten pounder Abby and thought…REALLY that kid does NOT look like a newborn. She looks like a 3 month old and that…just…wasn’t…nice to do to your mama whose number one fear (really) was and still is giving birth.

What’s Your “Claim to Fame”  pregnancy/giving birth/nursing wise.

*PS I know the scales say 9lb 15 oz BUT they weighed her after she went
to the bathroom everywhere so I am sticking with TEN.
*PPS We induced my second baby a week early so she would be smaller and
it worked.  She was 9 lbs.
*PPPS Believe it or not, I never gained more than 30 lbs in either of my
pregnancies. I just have big babies, horribly big babies.
*PPPPS No silly gooses, I am not writing this because I am pregnant. 
YOU WISH! ;)(Talking to Grandmas here)

See, look I can talk about this forever! ;)


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