Cinnamon Ink

June 8th, 2011 in Giveaways

As you guys know, I have a lot of fun picking specific art prints for my girls’ rooms. And I have very particular artists that I like to use. Well, one more has entered into our home and will be a favorite for a long time. I just know it. At the Sassy Girls Night Out, there was a new vendor that stopped my mom and me right in our tracks. We ooohed and ahhed and carried the prints around to show everyone. So I am thrilled to get to show them off to you. Introducing….Cinnamon Ink.

Cinnamon Ink is just adorable, is it not? There are lots of boy prints to match the girl prints, they have a fun vintage feel and the coloring of the designs are perfect. The pricing is really nice. The prints are around $12. I want to show you my favorite ones at the moment. The first one is hanging in Shae’s room now.



Yep, this is a giveaway! If you find Kate’s prints as wonderful as I do and would like a chance to win one for yourself just comment on this post. I’ll choose a winner June 18th at 7pm. Good luck!

P.S. Kate has a blog too. It is just as adorable as her prints. Check it out here.


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