June 6th, 2011 in About Me

My long drives to the dance studio and my hours of patiently waiting around during the girls’ rehearsals and weekly practices finally paid off.

You know, sometimes I forget why in the world I have them in dance.  And then the recital happens and I see them having a BALL and growing into beautiful ladies right in front of me.

Abby swung her head around like every eye in the place was on her and Cameron picked her nose during one performance. She did much better in the second performance…well, if you don’t count the cute little girl who gave her a good push on stage.

But really, I am proud of these girls. I see their self confidence grow, I see them learning to work in a group and be dependable and I see them having such fun.

Hip Hip Hooray to my “yellow princess” and “mouse.” I am glad they love flowers and cake bites just as much as I do. THIS is what you get a girl to say a job well done.

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