Christmas Tree Picking We Went

December 2nd, 2010 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Life, Nature

This is the first year we joined my family on a trip down to Heber to cut a Christmas tree. I thought the girls are now old enough and I should do it before popping out another one that would keep us from coming again.

Ok, the drive was longer than I thought.  I might have been mean to my little brother and then said sorry. *MIGHT* have…no one can prove anything. All I know is that I was not made for road trips of any kind with anyone. I turn into a monster.

So we finally got to a place where the car would let us travel and, with our permits from the city, set out to FIND THAT CHRISTMAS TREE!

Everyone should travel with immediate fun transportation on demand…transportation that doesn’t include Mommy pulling anything.

And then we saw it. I saw it and pointed. Abby saw it and pointed and my little brother saw it and pointed.

THAT IS OUR TREE! THE BABY ONE! Do you see it sitting under the huge trees?

Then while rubbing my belly like I couldn’t STAND to take another step, I ordered my brother to cut it down for me.

Then we yelled things into the woods like…



“There is a party in my tummy, SO YUMMY SO YUMMY”

at the top of our lungs.

And then I made my siblings take pictures like this:

That is how you pick a Christmas tree, just SO YA KNOW.

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