Christmas Tree Out of Nature

December 6th, 2012 in Crafts

I think this would turn out just the same by using acorns, pebbles, or bits of painted broken up pinecones–instead of seashells. 

Christmas Tree Out of Nature*


Sticks of various sizes


Yellow stars out of construction paper

Bits of green and red yarn

seashells, acorns, painted broken pine cones, pebbles

cardstock or heavy piece of construction paper


1. Have the kids set up what they want their tree to look like first.

2. Then have them glue a thick long line of glue on the paper and place the wood right on top of it. Better chance if it sticking if you do it that way! Build up your Christmas tree.

3. Then add the ornaments and star on top.

*Nature is code word for FREE.

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