Christmas Day 2014

January 20th, 2015 in About Me

There is not much I remember about Christmas morning. Tyler two years in a row has put together the most creative, time consuming, and thoughtful gifts. I need to take pictures of the two gifts he has given me so I can share them. This year I tried to spoil him and he never acts excited when he receives presents. So it is a bit of a let down, but he will be excited when popcorn is coming out of that retro popcorn maker in our new home!

It is always so funny to see what the kids end up loving the most. This year it was these knit scarves & hats their great grandmother gave them. And crayons! Two of them got a huge box of crayons and they were a huge hit.

cmasmorning2014 reagancmas

My in-laws gave me a really fun gift of pasta and oils. The girls and I every day talk about what we should make with the chocolate pasta. We have raised the bar so high on that chocolate pasta and what we can do with it that we haven’t cooked it up yet!



Watching the girls open the gifts that Santa & that we have spent a few months trying to decide on is fun. This year Tyler asked that no one got toys, more kits. Science kits, wiring your own iPod dock kit, designing your own headbands, etc. I think in total there were just 4 toys in the whole pile. It is always funny to see which ones they aren’t as enthusiastic about as others. I never guess right!



Ok but this is the most hilarious and awful part. I get the girls all the same amount of wrapped present and we go through a rotation of taking turns opening them. I put 4 little piles out so the girls knew which one they could grab when it was their turn to open up a present. Man Christmas morning I am tired! When I hear my voice on the video recording we do of Christmas morning I always sound half awake. So I did not even notice that Reagan was opening all of Shae’s presents. Until the end when it was Shae’s turn to open a present and there were none. And somehow Reagan still had a stack. I LOVE these pictures of Shae watching Reagan open HER presents.


See above, Reagan opening a Frozen doll meant for Shae.

See below, Shae looking at Abby wondering why Reagan would have received a baking game.



You know thankfully those two are still little that after they were all done opening I just switched their piles around when they weren’t looking and no one noticed.

Videos of Christmas for grandparents here.

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