Chiriqui, Panama

August 5th, 2010 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

Why Panama?

We leave in about 9 days for a 10 day trip to Chiriqui, Panama and that is the question we have been asked 90,345 times already.

Why Chiriqui, Panama you ask?


Any more questions?

No really.

Panama is safe.

Panama is clean.

Panama isn’t so “touristy”…..yet.

Panama is less expensive.

Panama has a beach house just sitting there waiting for us.

Panama has tours of The Resort at Isla Palenque (where we would LOVE to live soon) just waiting for us to take.

We can’t wait and in about 9 days I will be blogging from…Panama while sitting at our beach house with my husband and two girls.

Can it come soon enough?

Images from photographer Adam Elliot

Also, we will be going out on the boat with the owner of the town’s only restaurant to catch our own fish.

Double Boom.

Have you taken your kids out of the country? Or on a long plane ride? Any tips for me? Help!


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