Chinese Tangram for Kids

December 1st, 2011 in Crafts, Learning

 Did you notice my header? It has Shae in it now! And finally, finally (I have wanted to do this for years) my blog is organized the way I would like. I have tabs on the side where you can quickly get to posts in different categories, and the navigation bar is now fixed. I finally did my “About Me” page, and still really need to fix my Favorite Blogs page. Anywho, I love it!

Chinese Tangram for Kids

The kids loved this Tangram puzzle. It is really easy to make at home. I just traced the lines onto a large piece of cardstock and cut them out based off this picture:


Then we tried to get it back into a square, make a bunny, fox, duck, swan… there are lots of possibilities — I have posted some of them below:

Really fun & easy activity for when your kids are stuck home sick (like mine) or during the long winter months.

Unless one of your kids decides the triangles aren’t to her liking and tears them up in frustration!

P.S. Yes, I am off Facebook and now Twitter. My Facebook has been deleted but my Twitter stream will stay up. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be back in a few months, or a few years, or maybe never. Just trying to work through a few things that might take me a while. But I will always keep my sweet, little ‘ole blog! 




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