Children’s Museum & Art Museum in San Jose

December 12th, 2011 in Learning, Our Travels Worldwide

I spent a lot of time looking at that bug on the dashboard. Some jungle guy had made it out of the leaves on the tree for Abby. I stared at it for so, so long because the traffic had been unbelievably horrible. We (*ahem* ok —I—-) had decided to head back into the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose (that is where we flew in) to visit the local museums and get a feel for the city.

Here is a feel for the city for you:

My, the traffic.

Anyway, we headed into the Costa Rica Art Museum because it was nearby the Children’s Museum (which we REALLY wanted to visit), and because the art museum was free!

Well, thank goodness it was free. You know I enjoy art. I appreciate it; I like to stand at paintings and read about the artist and about the different pieces. My kids do well in art museums — most of the time they enjoy them! At the end of this museum we all looked at each other and said, “Eh, REALLY?!” Let me give you a summary of the art in one piece:

Ok ok, they all weren’t like that. Here are a few more snapshots of the museum. Upstairs in the room where they hold events, the walls were beautiful bronze with graven images in them. That was pretty beautiful:

Well, we got out of there fast and headed on over to Costa Rica’s Children’s Museum which was only $8 for all of us.

It is in the old prison and has a strong smell of…I am not trying to be foul here…lubricant. Yes. We saw the flashing lights as soon as we walked in. There was some event going on where a man was just SCREAMING into a microphone, and it looked more like a Chuck e Cheese when we first walked in. I decided to brave it, and just told Tyler to grab everyone and walk as fast to the back as we could go. Boy, am I glad we did! There were so many cool exhibits! Costa Rica Culture, Space Adventure, Jungle Adventure, Learning about different tropics/types of land, a whole room about dental care (yes, that is a picture of the girls in a room that was the inside of a mouth), how the body works and much, much more. That museum is jam-packed full of information and hands on games. Very cool! The building is fun to go through, too….it just doesn’t match a children’s museum…it is so dark in there!

They had something with the sound in the room so your voice
sounded like an alien the whole time!
This contraption let them feel what a 6.5
earthquake would feel like. Pretty cool!

Was it worth driving through San Jose? Eh…I don’t know. I think it’s important to get a good feel of a country’s capital. It just really isn’t one of my favorite places out there. The museum is a lot of fun, though! 


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