Saturday:Shopping—Children’s Clothes Stores

It’s funny, every mother I talk to has a different opinion on the main children’s clothes stores.

So here we go….here are mine.


Circo Brand—The brand runs small, extremely small for my girls. The clothes are very cute, but cannot be used as hand me downs, because they look very worn after one season. But for the price, you get what you pay for :cute clothes, for cheap, not good quality

Cherokee Brand—run a little small, quality is better, maybe a couple dollars more expensive. Usually not as cute styles as circo. But their winter sweaters are a great buy.


Oh, this store just gets me, the clothes are so cute. SO CUTE, I always say, why can’t I wear all this stuff, why can’t their women’s clothes be like this? The sizes run very accurately and the quality is one of the best. The price, pretty expensive…look for when the clothes go on clearance in th store, and even better online. If you want to splurge on an outfit (for a family picture, holiday) this would be a great place to pick up an outfit. The clothes have gone through 2 children of mine, and look good enough to go through a couple more.

The Children’s Place

I walk through this store every time I go to the mall. But NOTHING has ever caught me eye (on the girls side that is) I don’t really like their style at all. They do have great sales and things are priced pretty inexpensively. I am not sure how the quality is because I have never purchased anything from there.

Osk Kosh B Gosh

They have this store at my local outlet mall, so the prices are not to bad. I would compare them to target prices but a lot better quality. I love the style of the clothes, very fun and not to adult looking. And of course if you go at the end of the season and buy larger sizes for next year, it will be even better of a deal. They run great promotions and sales.


Lately lots of the lines (on the girls side) have looked a little to old fashioned and frilly for me. When I do like a line, I do pick up some clothes. The sizing runs very accurately, very high quality of clothes (have been through two girls and still look almost brand new). They are on the expensive side so watch for clearance (online is the best), or promotions (like gymbucks) or just buy for a special occasion (holidays, birthday, pictures). I have bought lots of gymboree on ebay, that is a good place to look for it to. This is my favorite place to buy Sunday dresses for the girls.

In Fall 2008, American Eagle will be putting out their children’s line of clothing, I am excited to see what they look like!

Happy Shopping!

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