Charleston, South Carolina

July 6th, 2017 in Our Travels Worldwide

We only ended up having one day in Charleston because we adored Sullivan’s Island. Tyler set up a walking tour for us and we learned a lot. Our tour was very long but the girls did wonderfully. We learned a lot of history, old culture of the city, and a lot about the buildings. I would do that tour every time I visited, it was really informational.

One thing the girls will always remember learning is how their cobblestone streets come from the cobblestone they brought across on boats from England. Also that they stood in “Bloody Alley” where many many duels went on back in the day.


Charleston really has the most gorgeous flowers. And our tour guide could tell you all about them and even the history of how they got there.

Another fun highlight was learning about the “courting bench” that families would use in the olden days. I feel like I will need to buy one for sure one day. AND I know the last person that makes them now, found in Charleston.

Our tour guide knew so much about all the homes and buildings. He could tell us what fires had happened there, why they were set up that way, what events had been held in the homes so long ago. It really made me feel as if we had gone back in time a bit.

The churches and graveyards had a lot of stories. You can learn a lot about the cultures and different religions by looking at the old chapels and tombstones. He taught us a lot about how people’s religions affected Charleston.

We also learned about visitors that came to Charleston and little bits of history. It was jam packed full day of learning in Charleston.

Having it be along the beautiful Atlantic is a big plus too!

Charleston from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

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