Celebration Wreath #2

June 30th, 2011 in Crafts, Friday: Play!, Parties, party time

I made a Celebration/Birthday/Tea Party Wreath two years ago that we have used in 5 birthday parties and 5 fancy tea parties so far. It still is really nice but the girls wanted to make another one that is more BIG GIRL. I guess “big girl”┬ámeans sequins, black and hot pink.

Celebration Wreath



White Spray Paint

Fake Flowers on Wire

3 1/2 yards of TWO kinds of fabric

5 yards of FOUR different kinds of ribbon

Thread & Needle


1. Spray paint the wreath white.

2. Remove the fake stems from the flowers so only the wire is left.

3. Wrap the wire of the flower around the wreath. It is nice to just use the wire and not have to worry about glue.

4. Cut the TWO sets of fabric vertically so you have FOUR pieces of fabric to sew onto your wreath. Use a big needle with thick thread and just sew in and out of the “branches” on the wreath.

5. Then cut all the ribbon so you have one piece that is 3 yards and one piece that is 2 yards. Take all the pieces that are 3 yards and hang them so they are parallel to the fabric (floating down with the fabric). Attach your pieces that are 2 yards long to the top of the wreath and tie them in a knot all together at the top. You can use this to hang it up. I just attach them by tying, no glue needed.

Voila, you have your special wreath that makes parties all of the sudden very magical looking. Like, for instance, this party below….but I’ll tell you more about that later.

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