Celebrate Easter Part 3

April 17th, 2014 in About Me

During Holy Week, Holy Thursday they honor..

Jesus washing the feet of his disciples

Read scripture here: John 13: 1-7


by J. Kirk Richards

Then after this is when I focus on Jesus in Gethsemane quite a bit with my girls. This is the beautiful and heart wrenching part. Which I know my steps are a little out of order. So sometimes I have to go back and put things in, smooth things out, explain them. But kids are forgiving, they just love hearing the story. It is important for them to hear in detail.

Jesus in Gethsemane

Read scripture here: Matt. 26:36, 39Mark 14:32John 18:1Alma 21:9D&C 19:15–19

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.07.18 PM

H. Siddons Mowbray
1858 – 1928
Gethsemane 1915 – 25
Annie Henrie – Savior In Gethsemane Christ
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Carl Bloch

Video here:

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