Casual Bloggers Conference

March 9th, 2010 in About Me
If you follow me on Twitter, take my course or are an online/offline friend you know how I feel about “Blogger Conferences.”
I understand the face to face networking that takes place and how it CAN be important for growing your blog. BUT I am not totally sold on them.  Sure, it might get me a weekend away but…WHAT WILL I LEARN? Will the panelists/speakers/teachers really take time to teach me something? Or will it be full of self promotion and schmoozing? (Fake schmoozing makes me gag, I can’t stand it)
Will it be worth the TIME and MONEY I am taking away from my family to go? Will it put a huge dent into our Panama Trip Fund? Cause let’s be honest: Panama vs. a weekend away with the girls? Ahh, let’s go with Panama (sorry again).
Why am I promoting a conference, then? Because I was asked to speak? NO. Because I am teaching a class? NO. Because a lot of people I know and love are going? NO (sorry gals again).
I am writing about it because it is an INEXPENSIVE conference and if you live in Utah (or surrounding states), I am telling you to go. Because I know quite a bit about all of the classes, presenters, material that will be taught at the conference and it is VITAL to running a successful blog. There are things being taught that I need to learn. That YOU need to learn if you are interested in blogging, growing your blog, making money with your blog, and meeting wonderful down to earth women in the blogging community.
Well where is it? When is it? How can I learn more about it? It’s the….

Casual Bloggers Conference

May 27-29th

Sandy, Utah

By clicking the button below, you will see EXACTLY what you will get from the conference! The $$ value of each class and every single thing going on at the conference is listed. (Another thing that bugs me about other conferences is that sometimes you can’t tell what in the world you are paying for!)

Be sure to check it out! Hope to see you there :)

Casual Bloggers Conference


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