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June 1st, 2010 in About Me

Boy oh boy, did I have a blast at the Casual Blogger Conference! Ready for a recap? I am. It’s fun reliving the weekend through writing this post!

Speaking at a Sold Out Conference

I was asked to speak with Laura of BetterInBulk.neton “Branding, Selling Yourself, Monetizing & Being Your Best Resource to Help Your Blog SkyRocket” during the Friday session. Then on Saturday I gave my 75 minute class on “How to Make Money with Your Blog”. Well first off, I am honestly glad it is all done! When I heard that my class was the class that sold out in only 6 hours after registration was available it was a bit stressful. I knew I wanted to just load them with really great info and I did. I really did. It was fabulous. I had a lot of fun in my class (and let me be really honest), as soon as I was done this huge stress was lifted off of my shoulders. And I proceeded to eat a fudge brownie. If you would like to watch my class or my presentation with Laura while, let’s say, YOU are eating a fudge brownie, they did have it filmed and soon it will be available on their website.

Old & New Friends

I met some women that I have been wanting to give a hug to, just hear them talk IRL or wave to from across the room for years now! Boy, not one of them disappointed. They were just as beautiful, funny, caring and supportive in person. This conference was full of REAL women; women that lift, love, are raw & honest and that I was just beyond thrilled to have my name associated with. At the same time this conference made me realize how much I really do love my close blogger friends that I have had for years. Love you girls.

Down to Earth & Fabulous “Big Names”

Nothing is better than meeting a speaker, author, musician, “celebrity” and knowing that they were just as excited to meet YOU; that they brought you a message, fun night or smile that you needed!

Mindy Gledhill is one of those women that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her beautiful music is clean, refreshing and listened to quite a bit in my house. Boy, did I love sitting in the front row with my friends watching her perform. When Jenny got up to be a part of one song I was so proud of them I got all teary eyed (ask Em, I did that I few times during the weekend). Really, what is better than being with a large group of women who you know are genuinely rooting for you, who are thrilled when you succeed and who are so darn proud of you. Em was the professional “clapper” during one of the songs too. I think you have now found your true calling, Em!

Cameron Rafati gave us a FUN NIGHT. It ended in two of my pregnant friends dancing their pregnant booties off because the haute Becca got us all on the dance floor! We previewed his new music video that will be out soon and I have not stopped playing his CD over and over in my car.

Matt Townsend had us all crying…from laughing so hard during his keynote address. Then he was good enough to autograph my book “Mr Puffy Pants.” Ha ha, you had to be there to understand that one!

Sophie Uliano is the author of two of my favorite books, also her soon to be her third book and fabulous blog. We loved her because of her adorable accent BUT also because she genuinely was just as excited to talk with and meet US as we were to meet her. She is a great resource on how to be “green,” but in a “not blow your budget and spend every single minute of your day” doing it.

Courtney looked beautiful and made us all bawl and laugh. The ladies behind the conference put on a SUPERB event and I hope Elisa is at home in her jammies drinking a Diet Coke. Are you?

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Until CBC 2011!

P.S. Now YOU can check out Cameron’s music video below:

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