Candy Dots & TMI

September 30th, 2010 in About Me

Today I had to use quite a few instruments to remove a candy dot from my daughter’s ear. I first tried to tilt her head to one side and hit the other ear to get it out. The neighbor watching me looked traumatized.  I swear I was not hitting her.

My stomach is trying to rid everything I put in to the point that most of the time absolutely NOTHING comes out. Which is really fabulous for everyone to sit and listen to during family breakfast.

I have a bad feeling that stomach cramps like you have at the end of your pregnancy due to being exhausted shouldn’t be happening this early.

At my sister’s baby shower that we threw her I said quite terrifying and embarrassing facts in a room of her and her friends who just stared back uncomfortably. Whoops.

I am a ray of sunshine aren’t I?


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