Cameron’s Favorite Things Party

February 3rd, 2017 in Parties, party time

Cameron had a very particular party in mind for her 9th party and planned every detail of it. It was as if I got to spend time in her brain and to see how she works for a bit. She decided to make a party out of her favorite things and give her guests a taste of each one. She also asked her guests instead of bringing a present for her, to bring 12 of THEIR favorite things to share with the other guests.

I gave the wonderful person who does our birthday invites a list of her favorite things and she designed a pattern out of it. You can see it on the invite and also on the wall behind the party set up.


cameron9birthday cameronfavoritethingsparty cameronfavthings

I also gave the cake lady a list of her favorite things to put on the cake. Which the decorator said was the most random cake she has yet to do.

cameroncake cameroncake3 cameroncake1 camroncakeside cameroncake4 cameroncakesides cameroncakeside

This is what her itinerary was, what activity she did to go along with each subject and what she gave away:

Yellow–yellow personalized bags to give her guests

Bear–introduce them to bear–give them their own bear

Alice in Wonderland–pin the smile on Cheshire Cat–Alice in Wonderland Pin

Native American–play traditional Native American Game—dreamcatcher

FAVORITE THINGS SWITCH–All girls introduce their favorite thing and pass out their gifts

Pancakes & Pink Milk–Ate for Dinner

Bouncy Balls–Bouncy Ball Contest–Bouncy Ball

Cats & Coloring–Cat Coloring Page Contest–Markers

NYC–Freeze Dance to Welcome to NY–NY Keychain

Halloween–Guess what the cross thing in the bag is–Halloween Dinner Plate

Gummy Candy—Guess the Gummy Challenge—Gummy¬†Bears

Goats—Watch Goat Video—Goat Figurine

Beanie Boo Collector—Introduce Beanie Boo Collection—Beanie Boo Keychain

Lava Lamps—How to Make a Lava Lamp—Keep Lava Lamp

Harry Potter—Science Experiement—Gummy Spider

Hyenas—Hyena Video—Hyena Figurine

Root Beer—Eat Root Beer Birthday Cake—Root Beer Can

Minecraft—Watch Minecraft Video—Minecraft Blind Bag




PS Her grandma came and gave away homemade aprons for each of the girls! exchanging cameronpartywithfriends nativeamericanday alicegame alicegame2 alicegame1

Cameron loves to make people laugh :)bear cameronkitty cameronbeaniebos

cameronblowingoutcandles cameronbdaygoodies lavalamp cameroncandygame bouncyballcomp cameronbdaypartyfood

Cameron had a really wonderful time and got to show off who she is.

I am so proud she is my daughter.

Little video of the night:

Cameron’s 9th Birthday from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

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  • Linda
    February 5th, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    I would expect nothing less from Cameron but a unique and fun party. Would have loved to be there. That girl is one of a kind and proves it all the time. Love her

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