Cameron’s Birthday Recap

October 6th, 2010 in party time

Cameron’s birthday was a bit different this year. I decided to do her first “friend party” and, of course, went overboard by inviting 24 children (I know, what can I say).  We didn’t keep our tradition of visiting a farm or pumpkin patch or corn maze this weekend, so we are going to do that next week. The friend party wore me out for about 3 days but it was worth it.

Cameron wanted a spooky Halloween party and so on October 1st we did just that. I got the cake and cupcakes from That’s My Cakewho I highly, highly recommend.

When all the kiddos walked in we gave them a cloth jack-o-lantern bag and at every single “station” they won a prize to put in the bag. There was a storytelling station (The Chocolate Chip Ghost & The Ugly Pumpkin) where each kid received a small stuffed animal.  We decorated small pumpkins with stickers and markers and the little guests got to keep the pumpkins.  We played “Freeze Dance” with vampire teeth, “Monster Says” with spider & eyeball rings and “Monster Circle” with Halloween masks. Then they also took home their Halloween cup and skeleton straw.

BUT! You want to know what the birthday girl’s favorite part was? The SPOOKY DRINK! I got a big black cauldron and put a bit of dry ice in it. Then I put in the drink and blew on the smoke. All the kiddos were freaking out.  Oh, the simple things that they love the most. The party was a huge success: there were no meltdowns from the birthday girl or her friends.

On her actual birthday I was still recovering from her party so we had a laid back day. We still are doing our 4 present rule of Something to Wear, Something to Read, Something to Play With and Something Pretty.

We did it! She is officially THREE!


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