Cameron’s 6th Birthday!

October 11th, 2013 in About Me

This sassy, spunky, hilarious, smart, beautiful, sensitive, loving, and high emotion daughter of mine is SIX! She still looks so little, so I don’t mind, she can turn six! She is happy to do everything; go to Kindergarten, attend dance class, do her morning routine, help her mama. But then she melts down when something little changes or stresses her out. But her meltdowns have really really scaled down. Right now she is the most behaved kid in our house! (this constantly changes, about 2 months ago it was Shae for a long long while, Abby had a good stride the first 4 years of her life, Reagan still needs a turn) 

Sweet Poki had a busy day! Her birthday landed on a school day and a dance class day. For dance class she brought in her favorite candy, Swedish Fish. For her school class she brought in a Halloween activity book for everyone. When she came home she had a birthday cape around her neck from school. It was also school picture day and I didn’t want her pictures done in her birthday outfit. So she had a lot of wardrobe changes on her birthday. A couple days after her birthday while thinking out loud (listening to her think out loud IS THE BEST) counting them all. I told her that her birthday was such a busy day! She replied saying, “No not really. Busy days to me is when I think of so many things in my head to do!” I didn’t know she had a list of things in her head she likes to complete each day. How cute.

So first thing in the morning and late at night we did family celebrating. I had to wake everyone up at 6:30am to celebrate her birthday. For a few weeks before her birthday I overheard her saying the same thing to everyone that would listen. “There is this girl in my class, and on her birthday she got breakfast IN BED. IN BED, can you believe it?!” She couldn’t believe it and she also couldn’t believe it when we brought it into her. She is the first one to start this tradition. My grandpa made that beautiful tray pictured. Of course she had her annual special drink, egg nog. One year I couldn’t find it yet in the stores so I had to make it from scratch.

I love Poki because she appreciates everything and doesn’t ask for much. Man I love it, she makes me feel good as a mom. When we go shopping and I try things on she tells me how beautiful I look. If I have a day where I don’t snap at anyone she tells me thank you for being so perfect that day while nuzzling me. She also calls me out on bad days, very simple and strictly. She waits very patiently every night for me to tuck her in and doesn’t whine about it. She would be content to stay home all day long and just do normal day to day things. Man, she is the best.

After her friend party after school we went to her favorite place to eat, Red Robin. Red Robin is gross, everything we ordered was awful. But no one cared watching her just sit there in heaven. She knew exactly who she wanted to invite to her friend party. I was worried she would leave people out that were in our ward (even though she has never played with them), or in an old neighborhood, or in her school class. But she simply told me her list was fine and it is all she wanted. That was that.

This post will be too long if I show you her friend party, I’ll do that later! Cameron is just at the sweetest part of her little life right now, I love every day.


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