Cameron’s 5th Birthday

October 9th, 2012 in About Me

Not Cameron…POKI! I went on and on for a few months that her nickname needed to be phased out, I am not sure when I gave up on that, but I did.

Her birthday was almost ruined by her mean mean mom who blew up at the birthday girl. I am pretty sure in the handbook of motherhood that there is a huge flashing red sign rule that you NEVER lose your cool with the birthday girl. But I did. She wanted her hair curled, so I did it, then she started bawling because she thought it looked horrible. I tried to cheer her up with a couple of things, they didn’t work, and then just blew up at her for throwing a tantrum. I was a bit on edge for the rest of the day and then my little brother looked at me and said, “JUST SUCK IT UP! IT’S WHAT MOMS DO!” It annoyed me but he was right.

Cameron didn’t seem to notice but if she is reading this as a grown woman–SORRY BABY, your mom is a hot mess after having her 4th baby. And you know what when my brother has four kids and he is being a bum on his kid’s birthday I will look at him and say the same thing. And I will be right to do so, just like he was.

Ok back to her birthday; bacon for breakfast, family around (lydibug, becca, emma, daddy, your sisters, grandma, grandpa, bryan, laura, and candace), party at a cupcake shop, surprise cousins from Idaho coming to play, and a mini party with family that night. All a birthday girl could ask for!

She loves clothes and being in charge of all her wardrobe choices so her “something pretty” and “something to wear” were both clothes. That kitty dress…she had a kitty dress (the exact one) for two years but it got so yucky I threw it out. She was heartbroken! So I went on Ebay and found the exact one, oh she was so happy.

Her cake had her birthday flowers piped on it, marigolds! In her favorite color, yellow.

Oh I can’t wait to show you what she did for her party, it was PERFECT for her, and I had to do no work for it!

But for now just a little letter to the birthday girl…

Dear Poki Bear

Dad and I always wonder to each other what you will be like when you grow up. It is a mystery to us and it is going to be exciting to see. You do have meltdowns and tantrums but I realized about 6 weeks ago it is because your heart is so tender. I realized that the two times during my pregnancy with Reagan that I needed someone–my baby poki was there. One of the times you came to where I was and stroked my back and kissed my forehead quietly. Then the night before I had your baby sister Reagan I lied on the floor relaxing (while terrified inside) and you brushed my hair softly—for almost an hour. You can tell when people need you and you do the perfect thing! You did it again today to your new baby sister. You came over and spoke so softly to her and gave her the sweetest softest kisses on her head. It soothed her and I watched you hold her perfectly and knew that one day you will be an amazing mother. Because of YOUR tender heart and feelings you will be a mother, friend, sister, daughter, woman that can read other’s hearts.

I love you, thank you for being you, Cameron Anne Brown (also Poki).

xoxoxoxoxo and purrrrr


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