Cameron Turns 8!

December 24th, 2015 in About Me

Cameron had one request that she kept on hinting at for weeks leading up to her birthday. I don’t know where she got this. But she wanted to be woken up with swedish fish falling on her head like rain. So I did it. And I filmed it and sadly someone deleted it off the phone. But there is shot of her right after being rained on with her favorite candy. Her breakfast in bed included her favorite drinks. If you want to get on Cameron’s good size, bring her favorite drink to her. You can pick from these four: root beer, sarsaparilla, egg nog, or pink milk. And if you want to be her real best friend in the whole wide world you will feed her scrambled eggs and bacon.

cameronsbreakfast eatinginbed sweedishfish

Cameron turned 8 and had a great time celebrating. This year has probably been her hardest in her little life. Things are harder, everything is more “big kidish” and less relaxed and just fun. Dance classes are more strict, math is more complex, more sitting still at church is expected. She has had a hard time transitioning into being a “big kid” and her anxiety has come back full force. The nice thing is that she has a lot of people that care about her. Her dance teachers email me when there are problems and she has wonderful church teachers. Cameron interests in writing poems, short drawings, and sketches has grown. So this summer I am looking forward to enrolling her in those classes to see how she does. She still watches for when people are out of sorts and leaves them notes or little treats. She has two best friends and I am always the one to set things up for her to play with them. Which can be tiring. But she is very particular on who she likes to spend time with and has it down to just two people.

Cameron is very particular about her clothes, hair, bedding, temperature, etc. She also needs one on one alone time with me or she gets very stressed. When she feels comfortable and things are in her court (she has friends over at her house or it is something she is hosting) she likes to be really funny and loud and make people laugh. She has grown a lot length wise but her cute little face and body width wise hasn’t seemed to change a bit.

Cameron is going to be the most wonderful friend, wife, parent, aunt, etc. in the world when she is older. She is very sensitive to people’s feelings, knows how to calm people down, and make them feel loved. She says she wants 10 kids, all girls, and to live in a hotel.





On her birthday day she opened her presents, we went to math class, then we went to the movies, and tried to go out to ice cream. It was priesthood night and all the ice cream places were so crazy. So we bought things for ice cream and she stayed up with me and ate the hugest bowl.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.05.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.04.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.05.03 PM

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Two presents really were special to her. The final installment of the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy series:



And also the collection of native american dolls my mother gave her that used to be hers.

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She still has a strong love for Native American things. We sure to love this beautiful girl.


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