Cameron the *Famous* Boogie Boarder

March 19th, 2013 in About Me

Cameron keeps on telling people she is famous. And for some reason I always forget what in the world she is talking about and ask her over and over again why. She always tells me it was because she was on the NEWS! Which she has been in the past, once or twice, I think. But last week or two weeks ago a picture of her and Abby was on Studio 5. They pulled a photo from my Instagram feed to show in their “Live Without Pretending” segment. Which sadly I guess I am very good at. No one will be presenting me with any mothering award anytime soon. This was the picture:

The news anchors talked about how the blonde one looked straight out of the movie Annie. And how she was giving the camera the poor me look. 

During breakfast I had given them their new boogie boards. We don’t spend money out here like we did in the states. So them getting a new toy is a big deal nowadays. Which is really how it should be, sometimes I would to smack past Vanessa upside the head. When they received the boogie boards they threw a fit and were acting so spoiled. I yanked them back, said now they weren’t presents anymore, and that they could earn them. They worked hard for about three hours scrubbing the house. I scrubbed along with them and we moved from room to room. I directed, stayed in the room the whole time, and did my cleaning projects beside them. I blasted their favorite music off my TAB to make the mood a bit better. It actually was a lot of fun and I’ll switch our Saturday jobs to more this style from now on. But they earned those boogie boards back and now they weren’t complaining one bit about them.

So finally we took them out to test them….

So Cameron is right, she is FAMOUS. How could someone like her *not* be?

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