California Summer 2013

August 14th, 2013 in About Me

The only way I am going to get through posting about summer is to consolidate. So I am forcing myself to do this in the top 10 style.

Top 10 Highlights from our Summer 2013 California Trip

#1 Finally, after numerous tries, stopping through Elko at the right time to get THE steak sandwich at the Star Hotel. Was it worth it? Oh it was, I can still taste that delicious sandwich in my mouth.

#2 Being reunited with the beach, we had only been apart for less than two months, but that was too long! It was such a calm beach day too, the kids were content and chill on the beach. It wasn’t too hot and the kids are getting older so they can entertain themselves better.

#3 Riding my first roller coaster in 15 yrs with Abby  (her first time) so she could do something “grown up” with her cousins. I grabbed her head, put it into my chest, did not let go, and was CRYING AT THE END. I have scared her for life.

#4  Another enjoyable camping trip, my brother in law and sister in law work so hard to make it such an easy trip for everyone. Someday I’ll pay them back somehow, I have not figured out how yet though. We went to a pier and tried to crab while we were there too. I think that might have been my favorite part of the whole trip. Oh and this picture:

#5 4th of July in California is where I want to be!

#6 Pool, the girls’ grandparents know how to make those grandkids happy. A nice cool pool! And fun crafts, yummy meals, lots of fun things from their sweet grandparents.

#7 I do always love watching Tyler chat for hours and hours with his parents. Sometimes I think it would be nice to not be placed at the kids table all the time. But then I look over and see my husband having such a great time with everyone. Maybe one day we’ll go visit my family and he can sit at the kid’s table.

#8 Jelly Belly Factory

#9 Extended family stopping by. One day my husband will know how lucky he is that he has uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. that love him so much. That they go out of his way to see his family, know how we are all doing, are so just genuinely nice and caring. It’s not that he is ungrateful, I just don’t know if he knows how lucky he really is. The Browns have a wonderful extended family.

#10 Checking out Darren’s name proudly displayed in his hometown’s downtown. Darren is Tyler’s youngest brother who right now is serving our country in Afghanistan.


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