Bucket List

March 1st, 2012 in About Me
  1. Learn to walk in high heels
  2. Surf 
  3. Go on the news
  4. Publish something
  5. Write a children’s book (seriously, I feel like this is on so many blogger lists, right?)
  6. Adopt children
  7. Have a toned and healthy body
  8. Live the Word of Wisdom to it’s fullest
  9. Explore, understand and use alternative and natural medicine
  10. Feel proud of myself
  11. Feel beautiful
  12. Gain 10 pounds eating through Europe
  13. Take a cooking class in Italy
  14. Learn how to apply makeup
  15. My Mom said I should sensor this one, ha! 
  16. Communicate better with my spouse
  17. Take classes to improve my writing skills, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc.
  18. Take photography lessons
  19. Take even more photography lessons
  20. Learn to play the guitar
  21. Polish up my piano playing skills
  22. Sing a simple song with my girls in front of an audience
  23. Have a good relationship with extended family
  24. Get to know my family history
  25. Bake amazing bread — all different kinds
  26. Build my dream house (Father of the Bride on outside, white huge kitchen, wood floors, very simple beach feel, tiny bit of soft blue) Well, HAVE my dream house built I should say. I don’t want to build it!
  27. Decorate my dream house well
  28. Live abroad
  29. Smile more
  30. Not be scared to be outgoing
  31. Stop worrying about what people think (or at least the majority of the time)
  32. Do small acts of kindness for people whenever I feel impressed
  33. Make beautiful babies
  34. Learn Spanish
  35. Be the biggest supporter of my husband’s bucket list
  36. Safari in Africa, beach in Australia, Anne of Green Gables lands
  37. Raise daughters who are smart, respect their virtue and have been kept safe by their parents
  38. Learn to do my hair! Even in the simplest of ways
  39. Learn to do my girls’ hair
  40. Come to love a certain exercise/sport and become pretty ok doing it
  41. Take ballet lessons
  42. Go horseback riding with my husband
  43. Be able to one day go on a family bike ride (all kids keeping up, baskets with flowers in them at the front of our bikes, very Sound of Music like in my mind)
  44. Speak in front of a big group of people and be comfortable; make them laugh and impress them
  45. Make a very big impact charity wise in another country as a family
  46. Forgive those who have hurt and betrayed us very deeply; work through feelings and be at peace inside
  47. Find out what breeds Honey Bunny is before she passes away
  48. Figure out what my favorite movie is
  49. Read more
  50. Become more honest and real on my blog, but in a way that is still true to me and my desire to be positive and grateful
  51. Take my family to Washington D.C. and show it off
  52. Fund trips for extended family members to experience things with us
  53. Be financially independent
  54. Have a very organized, simple, well-kept home
  55. Take nice portraits of all of my parents (in-laws included!) I have my dad’s done!
  56. Have property with lots of big beautiful trees
  57. Grow a family garden where things survive!
  58. Get my food storage all set — I have put a big dent in it!
  59. Take my girls to go catch fireflies under a weeping willow. Just like we did every summer night growing up
  60. Raise children who are happy adults with almost perfect lives
  61. Hike in a jungle
  62. Get over my weird fear of crocodiles
  63. Sky dive
  64. Get to know the scriptures better
  65. Have something published in the Friend
  66. Cliff Jump/Cliff Dive
  67. Take a pottery class
  68. Make something beautiful out of wood, just like Grandpa
  69. Be a warm and loving mother and always, always listen to that still small voice, even if no one but me understands why I make the decisions I do.
  70. Have Christmas in NYC
  71. Go on a night cruise in a big city
  72. Have bananas foster or baked alaska served to me on fire at a fancy smanchy place
  73. Survive childbirth (#1 fear)
  74. Be done with childbirth
  75. Walk along the Maine coastline
  76. Have good self esteem
  77. White water rafting
  78. Touch a dolphin
  79. Whale watching
  80. Ball game at Fenway Park
  81. Sew something all on my own
  82. Give homeschooling a good try
  83. Take my husband on an awesome “Rockabilly” inspired date
  84. Go to a Jack Johnson concert in Hawaii
  85. Ride segways with Tyler-GOB style
  86. Put on the protection suit and be bit by the protection dogs

Phew! I wonder if it will be the same at all in 5, 10, 20 years? I hope it just has more goals and quite a few more crossed off.  


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