Bridal PARTY!!

August 2nd, 2011 in About Me, Parties, party time

We (my sister and I) didn’t want to throw our baby sister a Bridal Shower. No, no, no. We wanted it to be a party…more specifically, a PAR-TAY.

I got just a wee bit obsessed with the colors: Bright Pink, Bright Blue and Yellow. Why? I am still not sure.

Theme: Blue, Pink and Yellow

Decorations: Blue, pink and yellow balloons with clear bags filled with blue, pink and yellow candies. Retro looking, bright colored frames with chalkboards in the middle and love notes written on them. Also, this awesome banner that says “Laura Love’s Winston.” (It BETTER hang somewhere in their bedroom soon ;)) And different photos of the couple throughout the room.

Entertainment: Twister with prizes, the Newlywed game, a Polaroid camera (all the pictures for Laura to keep and remember the night and her guests), a book to leave “words of wisdom” for the soon to be bride and just a lot of mingling.

Food: Cotton Candy Machine with blue, pink and yellow flavors. Italian Soda bar with (once again) pink, blue and yellow flavors (Check out the buckets and straws and everything! Seriously had fun with those colors, I did). A cake made by my other sister who has been working on perfecting her new hobby- cake making and decorating. Lastly, Whoopie Pies rolled in jimmies of those famous three colors as well. Laura served her LDS mission in New England where she fell in love with Whoopie Pies. Also! She met her soon to be husband on her mission in New England where (don’t worry) there was NO Whoopie. Ha ha, sorry bad joke? Yes. They were both missionaries and didn’t start dating or having feelings for each other until they ran into each other AFTER their missions! Although, the love for the Whoopie Pies was a dangerous thing that started during the mission and continued on well after!

I learned two things…I always have way too much food and someday I REALLY will learn my lesson so I don’t do the same thing every time. Also, I learned that I have some really wonderful cousins who saved the day and helped me out so much. Thank you Nicole, Candace and Ashley.

I never got to leave some “Words of Wisdom” in my baby sister’s book that night…how about “Don’t take advice from your sister Vanessa.” No really. Let’s see, how about…

“You have a beautiful heart. You are every one’s secret favorite in the family. We love you. Make sure you are respected and loved for who you are right now because you are a catch. Oh yes, you are. You’d better believe it. Your big sister will be here for you forever and ever. Don’t ever ever think I won’t be ’cause it aint ever happening . I love you Laura Lou.”

Yep, that sounds good. Love you baby sister. 

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