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August 25th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

My cute nieces and nephews out in California helped me go through my stack of books to review and wrote up “book reports” for me this past summer.  I sure love those kiddos.

Moms, this would be a fun guide to help your school aged children pick out a good chapter book to read throughout the year.  Or it could also be a great guide for choosing a book for a book report this school year.

The book “Ottoline Goes To School” is about a girl named Ottoline and her friend Mr. Munroe.  Ottoline goes to the park and meets someone really nice.  Her name is Cecily Forbes-Lawrence III and her patagonian pony, Mumbles.  Cecily tells Ottoline about school.   So the next week Cecily and Mumbles take Ottoline and Mr. Munroe to the Alice B. Smith School for the Differently Gifted.  While she’s at the school, Ottoline is having trouble finding her different gift until.  Then she proves that the curse of the Horse of the Hammersteins isn’t real.  Ottoline has discovered that her different gift is spook spotting.  Ottoline is proud that she found her different gift.  Then Ottoline goes home.

I liked this book because it talks a lot about school and I really like school.
By Nicole Brown
The main character in the book “Summer Ball” is Danny Walker.  Danny plays travel basketball for the Middleton Warriors.  When the season was over he went to Right Way basketball camp in Main.  He went with his friends Will, Ty, and Tarik.  While he was there he met two other friends.  One is named Zach and the other was Rasheed, a player that he had played against in the championship game while on his travel team.
The camp team name was the Celtics.  At camp, Danny was misunderstood by his coach, Ed Powers.  Danny made a couple mistakes during games and practices that made his coach think that he was a bad player even though he was a good one.  In the end the Celtics won the championship by one point.
I like this book.  I like it because I play basketball too.
By Jacob Brown
The main character in this book is Clementine.  She is in third grade and is eight years old.  Clementine seems to always be getting into trouble.  In the beginning of the book Clementine is in school and realizes that her friend is taking a long time in the bathroom.  So Clementine asked if she can go to the bathroom.  She walks into the bathroom and saw her friend below the sink crying.  Clementine asks, “Are you okay, Margaret?”  Margaret gets up from below the sink and said, “I got glue in my hair and I was trying to cut it out.”  Then Clementine suggested “I can cut it out for you.”  Margaret started to say thank you, but then stopped.  Clementine cut her hair, and actually ended up cutting off most of her hair.  They finally go back to class.  When the teacher finds out about it she sends Clementine to the principal’s office.  And that was just the start of her week.
The rest of Clementine’s week she seems to find more and more trouble.  Clementine gets in trouble with her dad, she gets sent back to the principal’s office again, and her mother gets angry with her more than once.  But at the end of the week Clementine is thrown a surprise party because she became the hero of The Great Pigeon War.  She was also given a new kitten.
I liked this book because it had to do with a lot of funny, mischievous adventures.  Clementine is a really funny main character.  I strongly recommend this book for others to read.
By Nicole Brown
In the book “Only Emma”, Emma is an only child.  Then Emma and her mom have to babysit a four year old boy named Anthony Scarpetto.  Anthony’s grandmother is sick and his parents have to go and take care of her in Tucson.  Emma starts to scream her head off.  She wanted a sister, not a brother.  And she actually liked being an only child.  She runs to her mom and says she doesn’t want Anthony to stay.  Her mom said “it will only be for a week”.  A week!  That was way longer than she thought.
Emma wanted to get him in trouble and tease him.  She went and found Anthony and said, “you will only be here for today and tomorrow.”  But he wanted to stay longer, so he went crying to her mom.  Emma started to laugh.  It is really hard for Emma to have Anthony around.
But Emma’s feeling’s began to change.  She begins to feel more comfortable with Anthony around.  She even though it was maybe a little fun.  When it was time for Anthony to leave, Emma was sad to be an only child again.  Now she has to adjust to having no more Anthony.
I really enjoyed this book.  It was fun to read.

By Nicole Brown

You know what? I just realized that my sweet niece Nicole did THREE out of the FOUR reports. That girl deserves a surprise present from Aunt Vanessa.

Like how I farm out my work to innocent kiddos? 😉 Man we miss them, come visit already! We will SPOIL YOU ROTTEN. Seriously, we will. Do you not read my blog? I have the most spoiled kids in Utah!


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