Book Report Time

September 7th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

My sweet nieces and nephews in Georgia reviewed some books for me! Be sure to use these with your kids during the school year for book report ideas!

The Flight of the Silver Turtle

by John Fardell

Zara and Ben are brother and sister and have been adopted by Professor Alexander Ampersand.  They are friends with Marcia who has been adopted by Professor Petunia Hartleigh-Broadbeam.  Sam is also there friend and has come to visit for four weeks.  They meet a lady, Amy, who is building a plane they end up naming the Silver Turtle.  Everyone talks with a foreign accent, and very hard to understand, except the kids. With the help of the four kids and the two inventors, they finish the plane.  The day before they are ready to take it on its first test flight, they find an old picture with some random letters handwritten on the back of it.  They figure it’s an encrypted message. They also figured out that one of the people in the picture is Maskil Stibnik who was a Czech scientist that worked on secret aviation projects for the British government.  Someone has been watching and listening to them the whole time, the Noctarma.  When they go to the museum where Stibnik had an office, the picture almost gets stolen by the Noctarma.  After Sam deciphers the message on an old broken typewriter, he is able to get away.  They figure out that the message was for the woman in the picture with Stibnik, but it doesn’t make any sense to them.

They get ready to take the plane on a test flight, but the Secret Operations Police Unit who work for the Noctarma come to get them, but an older lady comes and jumps in the plane with the kids in it and takes off.  The three adults are left behind and taken as prisoners.  The kids learn that the older lady is the one in the picture, Gabrielle.  She explains that the secret message means that Stibnik’s secret of antigravity is in Solomon, a jewelry box shaped like a turtle, which got left on her plane that crashed and sank to the bottom of a lake in Geneva.  She flies them to a friend of hers, who ends up being the mother of Noctarma’s leader.  Gabrielle is taken prisoner, but the four children get away and fly down to Geneva where Ivy and Adam live, friends of theirs.  Ivy has adopted Adam, and three Professors are there with them at the time.  They dive into the lake and get Solomon out of the wrecked plane, but the Noctarma are there and ready and waiting to take them prisoner.  They tried, but were unable to get an honest police man to believe a word they were saying.  Sam and Marcia attempt to get away, and are assisted by Hank, Gabrielle’s friend.  With Hank’s help, they are able to get Solomon back, free the kids, and escape in the Silver Turtle.  The four adult are still prisoners, but Hank gets away in his microlight.

They fly back to Edinburgh to get help from Chief Commissioner Grayloch.  He actually believes their crazy story and helps them, but you will have to read the book to find out what happens at the end.

Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand

by Gail Levine

A fairy named Rani needed to get a wand for a mermaid named Soop.  If Rani did not, Soop would flood Fairy Haven.  Rani set out at once.  She brought a few fairies along with her.  To get the wand Rani had to go to the Great Wandies.  Rani and the other fairies flew in a balloon carrier.  While Rani was gone Mother Dove, the ruler of Fairy Haven was worried.  The water was up to the fairies waists.  When Rani got to the Great Wandies it was hard to choose a wand but finally she chose one that was made to go to sleep.  Rani came back and Mother Dove was relieve.  Rani gave Soop the wand and the flooding stopped.  After a few days a fairy woke the wand and unwished some wishes they had accidentally made.  But suddenly the wand made fairies grow big and small.  One fairy stayed big.  When a wand is awakened it does tons of mischief.  Finally one fairy named Beck made the wand stop.  A fairy named Prilla could be anywhere in one blink.  So Prilla took the wand out of Beck’s hand and blinked.  She was at the Great Wandies She put the wand among the other squirming wands.  And with one more blink she left the Great Wandies back to Fairy Haven.  After that big adventure Rani and Fairy Haven lived happily ever after.  And what about Soop?  I don’t know??



by Robert Weston

Katrina was orphaned by her parents, but Mrs. Krabone who took care of her was really mean.  She said bad words all the time and did horrible things to Katrina.  She was going to cut out part of Katrina’s brain, but Katrina ran away just in time.

She met a zorgle named Morty.  He looked scary at first, but he was really nice.  He was chosen to find the missing zorgles, but he didn’t like adventures.  He only did it for his dad who did like going on adventures.  His dad was very sick in the hospital.

Katrina and Morty met a gang of bad kids and Morty scared them away.  They went through tunnels and barely got out safely.  They got to Zorgamazoo and found all the zorgles were gone.  Only Winnie was left alone crying.  She’s kind of like an ape creature.  Then they get eaten by Octomobots and taken to outer space.  They weren’t really eaten, but they were trapped in cages.  So were all the zorgles and hundreds of other creatures.  The Graylians were keeping them so that they could collect more boredom from earth to use as energy.

They finally escaped by using an ogres fake eyeball to break the machine that locked all the cages.  But the Octomobots came back to get them.  They all fought each other, but Katrina went inside the machine that collected all the boredom gas.  She changed the machine to be able to collect Enchantium gas instead.  It has way more energy than the boredom gas.  So the Graylians were happy and set everyone free.

When they got back to earth, the people were amazed, and Enchantium gas come out of their ears.  Everyone went home, but Katrina was still an orphan.  Mrs. Krabone tried to trick her and give her a hug, but she was going to catch her so the doctor could puncture and slice up her brain.  The gang was also there to pay Katrina back for getting away, but Morty came back with a giant Behemoth that scared them and chased them away forever.

So Morty and Katrina became like family after Morty’s dad died.  Katrina went on more adventures and Morty wrote the book about the adventure they had went on.  It was a fun book with TONS of rhyming.  But I wish Katrina’s mom and dad wanted her.  They were too rich and only cared about themselves.


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