Book Club with My Girls

March 4th, 2013 in About Me, Learning

Why can’t I be good at multitasking? Aren’t all women good at that? Why not me? For example the ability ┬áto cook AND tend kids. Or read a book and talk to my husband. Or write something while trying to eat something. It just flops, it does not work. I start to feel very tense inside and when I am done with the tasks I am ready to burst. Don’t even ask me how it was when I worked from home–it is a miracle I am still married. I want more out of myself but I feel like if I can’t master or even just get a little bit better at the art of multitasking–that it is pointless.

So one problem I have been having is that I feel like my girls don’t get enough special one on one time. At the end of the day I don’t have anything in me to give to anyone. During the day it is busy busy busy. But I still wantto catch minutes here or there with them and then have an alloted space of time that was just for that person.

I was working on starting a book club out here to make friends, get to know people, get my brain a-churning again. Which I did and it is such fun, so nice to be reading again. While I was planning that I thought, why not do it with my daughters?

Abby is far into the chapter book stage, she is reading books that I am loving to re-read. She reads two chapters a day of the book and hands it off to me so I can read them at night. Our first book was Masterpiece and now we are working on Ella Enchanted. Next up is Destiny Rewritten and Call it Courage. During the day we will have little conversations on what is happening in the story.

Cameron is just entering the chapter book stage so I have to read along with her. Which helps me get in my teaching time with her reading wise. Ivy and Bean along with Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 are the books she has picked.

Then after we are done reading the book, which takes about two weeks, we go out one on one. With Abby we go to get sushi always. With Cameron we find a place that has smoothies and treats. Oh my goodness this time with them is just MAGICAL.┬áDuring book club we talk all about the book–we really do. Loads and loads of questions about what we had read and relating the books to ourselves.

During the last book club with Abby she was just loving having my undivided attention. She also felt very grown up. I caught her swinging her hair back and forth with this grin on her face. She loved taking pictures of our night to Instagram. Abby is going through a rough age so it is also a good time to ask her how she is doing. She answers me truthfully and very adult like.

The last book club with Cameron was—oh this girl of mine. She talked non stop and if there was a lull in the conversation she would not like it. “Come on mom, LET’S TALK!” she would order me if we stopped. She chose a seat overlooking the beach and just stared out at the ocean with this serene look on her face as she chatted away. Man even when she was eating her burger she talked non stop, the burger was flying everywhere. On the way home she announced, “Ok mom, keep on talking, what should we talk about?”

These girls of mine—I am a pretty lucky lady. So glad I started this tradition with my girlies. I think it helps open up conversation and helps us relate to each other better. I really hope we can keep it up throughout the years.

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