Boogers, Diane Keaton & Dry Cleaning

October 4th, 2010 in About Me

Ree over at Pioneer Woman wrote this post on the 10 Important Things I’ve Learned from Blogging and she gave a tip that really clicked for me. She said, “Write as if you’re talking to your sister.” So I am doing a little exercise and writing a post as if I am talking to my sister, specifically my sister Sarah (yes the knocked up one).

Every single time a booger comes out of Abby's nose I am amazed.
I mean it's like it has been building up for months and months and
I have no idea how she is even able to breathe, or sleep, or talk
when it comes out. I really need to document it.  You would be
amazed and be telling everyone that will listen to you about it too.
Tyler and I talk about them late at night, what?
No that is not weird. 

Finally got my mom's comforter back from the dry cleaners. My sister
put Cameron down on her bed and she immediately peed through all
ONE BILLION LAYERS. I mean I pulled back every single layer to see
how  far it had gone down and I could not believe that it had made
it's way down that low. If it had got on my mom's brand new mattress
we would have been kicked out of the house.

For four days Tyler is at his first "movie set." No, a real movie.
With Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline. Yes YOU KNOW, the lady from
Father of the Bride. No not her. The Mom, yes you can picture her.
You know she is in...lots of other stuff. Oh here. Kevin Kline? 
Ah just look it up. Well no, he has not met, not talked 
to, no pictures. Actually the staff is told over and over 
not to talk to the actors. Alright fine, not as cool of a story as 
I thought. He is helping with the dogs in the movie and two of them
ours. Oh come on, you know it's kinda cool. At least kinda.

Let me show you a picture from Cameron's birthday. What? You have seen
 one billion pictures of my kids already? Well FINE THEN. 
Not even the booger? Ok then.

I think this exercise has just made me feel sorry for my sister for having to listen to me.


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